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Life is Laughter and Tears

Another lesson from Hobbes:

Don’t be that guy.


Simply put, don’t be that guy that complains all the time. The negative energy you put out is extremely toxic, bringing down the mood for everyone else. Is it really so necessary to complain about every little thing that bothers us? Don’t get me wrong… I’m guilty of the occasional vent session, sometimes about trivial things… But there has to be a point where we stop. There has to be a point when we look in the mirror and say “enough,” because we’re not changing anything. Or if we are, we’re just making the matter worse.

“My roommate left her dishes in the sink again!”
Then tell her (in a kind and polite manner) you would appreciate it if she would wash them. Then get over it.

“The coffee shop never makes my coffee right!”
Then you can either save the money…

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